January 22, 2019 andrew

How do i cancel my membership ?

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To cancel your membership please follow the steps bellow :

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Login using your credentials
  3. Navigate to Subscriptions
  4. Click on CANCEL

Important Note : You are responsible for cancelling your membership, this is not SMW’s responsibility nor will we be held liable if the membership has not been cancelled in a timely manner. We do not offer refunds !

If you experience ANY issues during cancellation please contact @ADMIN within Discord or email us at smwgethelp@gmail.com , any other form of communication is not going to be accepted

DO NOT contact @stockmarketwolf within Discord regarding any Account issues,  again it is your responsibility to contact the right team member and account

please make sure to make your self familiar with our policies, which you accept when you purchase our products

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