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How to access the Premium Trading Chat Room

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How to access the Premium Trading Chat Room

1.  Go to www.stockmarketwolf.com/chat-room to review our different packages and purchase the right package for your needs.


2.  Log out of your Discord account if you are already signed in with either the Mobile App, Desktop App, or Browser.


3.  Check your email for a confirmation email from us. Within your receipt there will be a link to the Premium Chat Room.Follow the link and you will be redirected to Discord. Once redirected enter your login information or create a new account if you do not have an account yet.

4.  Once in the Chat Room you should have access to the Chat Room with your Membership level assigned to you as a “ROLE” and be able to view the Premium Members Chat Rooms.

NOTE: In order for the link to work properly , please make sure to follow step #2 and log out of Discord if you are already signed in through your mobile app, desktop app, or browser.

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