October 10, 2018 andrew

Is There a Free Chat Room ? How do i join ?

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Yes , with so many “Gurus” and “Services” out there we take pride in being able to be transparent with our members. That is why we have set-up the FREE Chat Room , in order to create a community of traders and also to provide an insight to how we operate.

within the FREE Chat Room , we often provide some promotional offers and also every now and then we share our daily watch lists and might allow access to the live trading sessions*.


How do I Join ? 

To Join the Free Chat Room , please go to our Home Page

Click on the button  “JOIN FREE CHAT” fill out the information and you will be given a link to access our Free Chat Room.




*this can happen spontaneously and is not a guarantee that you will be able to join a live trading session within the Free Chat Room
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